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Re: helvetica

Messagepar svinehunden » 30 janv. 2010 21:38

Hello Jean

I know it's not for bad reasons you said that, but don't you think this remark is uncalled for my friend and guest ???

no problem...
if i didn't like questions about my name
i wouldn't have chosen 'svinehunden'
the main reason i took this name was:
it just looks good!
and people recognise it...

and as an old graffiti artist
i like that!


hi kasper

i hope to see the first part of the landscape's building soon
i share your feeling about the patine

Anyway welcome and have fun!


thanks dim


i just made this video the other day
hope you like it


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Re: helvetica

Messagepar dim11852 » 03 févr. 2010 20:47

Hi kasper

I love it. a great video...

Thanks a lot
alsthom 245
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Re: helvetica

Messagepar alsthom 245 » 13 mars 2010 15:44

WoW your all job is really impressive , so as your layout! really anwesome (i'm not sure about the way to spell it! :lol!: )

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